Sports should be Part of Our Life

For maximum results, combine your sport with the right time to do so. Set aside, at least, 30 minutes every day to perform this gentle activity. Then when is the most appropriate time to exercise? Is it morning, noon, afternoon or even night?

Actually, there is no perfect time to exercise – anytime is good. But keep in mind that sports time is tailored to the sport’s goals. For example, exercise to facilitate sleep, it should not be done afternoon or night. Check out the rules of exercise based on the right time and according to your goals.

  1. Morning. Perhaps this is the most common time people use to exercise. A healthy and vibrant start of the day will certainly have a good impact on your activities for a full day. Morning is also a great time to exercise outdoors because the air is still relatively clean.
  2. Afternoon. If exercising during the day, do an hour before lunch so you can move freely without being distracted by a full stomach. If you do it when the stomach is fully charged, muscle contraction can not take place properly. Generally this exercise is done to refresh the body after half a day on the move. The exercise is usually mild, does not produce too much sweat and does not cause excessive fatigue.
  3. Night. Whatever type of exercise you do should be done four hours before bedtime. It is the most ideal time so you will not have trouble sleeping. Calculations: up to 1 hour after exercise the body still feels hot and sweaty, you must wait for it “cold” before bathing and cleaning the body, then there’s still 2 hours left to relax, then you can sleep.

The Best Fitness Schedule For Beginners

If you want to know how many times you should fitness in a week, there is one recommendation that we recommend. Adjust your exercise schedule with your daily life and activities. For example, if you have strong determination and passion and lots of free time maybe you can exercise fitness 6-7 times in 1 week. Think about whether that number can be realized. If it looks heavy, you can lower it to 4-5 times a week. Please ask yourself, how much are you able to?

  1. Difficult move on. No, not a move on with the former, unless the memory of him makes it hard to lift a barbell. What we mean by move on is related to your workout pattern in the gym. If you firmly run a treadmill at a speed of 7 mph, or faithfully use a 20 Kg load when bench press for more than 3 months, your body has been perfectly adapted.
  2. Pursuing a sixpack only with sit ups? Most likely you will be disappointed, especially if you do not burn excess fat in your body first. You are more likely to get a sixpack if the first percent body fat to ideal, just start to train the muscles of the body, including the stomach.
  3. Regardless of weight training and cardio, the right movement must be a priority. Wrong perform movement, then your calories are not burned perfect, your muscle formation is not perfect, even the risk of injury increases. Therefore, make sure you research the right moves in the exercise, or ask the right person. Especially when you’re new to the fitness world, personal trainers can be a great way to instill a good base of exercise. Oh yes, it’s better to ask a certified personal trainer than the “elder” gym.We believe, active men like you must have good time management, including when exercising in the gym. If not, this list can be a cheat sheet for a more optimal exercise and maximum impact.

Movies that Scheduled to Play

Linda Hamilton, actress Sarah Connor is reportedly back for the latest movie from the Terminator franchise. This is Hamilton’s first time back into the franchise since his last participation at Terminator 2: Judgment Day in 1991. Hamilton has been playing Sarah Connor since her first movie in ‘The Terminator’ in 1984. Sarah herself is a waiter who finds herself hounded by robots from the future.

While in the movie ‘Terminator: Genisys’ released in 2015, the character Sarah Connor played by one of the players ‘Game of Thrones’, Emilia Clarke. Many fans are disappointed with ‘Terminator: Genisys’. They call the story in the movie a mess and too convoluted so that the franchise of this film is considered appropriate to retire. However, recently the thinking seems to change. Speaking to THR, James Cameron’s second film director ‘Terminator’ said that Hamilton will return as Sarah Conor and with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Both will be in the story that will be the sequel to ‘Terminator: The Judgment Day’.

With the return of James Cameron working with the director of ‘Deadpool’, Tim Miller and Hamilton return as Sarah Connor, ‘Terminator 6’ will be released in 2019. This film will be the determinant for the future of this fictional fictional movie franchise that is popular since the first film was released in 1984.

Darth Vader

Fans are wondering about Darth Vader’s appearance in Star Wars ‘spinoff Han Solo’. The actor, Spencer Wilding, had an open voice about his involvement in the latest Star Wars movie project that is in the process of cultivation. Even so, Lucasfilm never confirmed the news. The actor himself was able to rectify his words which at that time he called wrong.

But recently, The Hashtag Show reported, news of the presence of the figure of Darth Vader in the story ‘Han Solo’ justified existence. Wilding is seen seen on the set of the film directed by Ron Howard. Previously, Darth Vader also appeared in the story ‘Rogue One’. Although appearing only in two scenes, but the appearance of the leader of the Dark Side in the Star Wars saga story is leaving a deep trail.

He came, carrying a threatening presence and soon he left to keep his antagonistic side in mind. ‘Han Solo’ itself is scheduled to air in May 2018. The film will focus on the figure of Han Solo a smuggler to his meeting with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker.

Meanwhile fans are waiting for Superman action to join the super hero group ‘Justice League’. ‘Justice League’ is scheduled for release on 17 November.

Maybe Crossbones will appear in the movie ‘Avengers 4’. One of the fan theories that are already spread on social media is that Thanos is able to reset the MCU world to change an event. Or Thanos is able to manipulate fear and Crossbones will return to haunt Scarlet Witch. With the capabilities shown by directors Anthony Russo and Joe Russo in working on Marvel movies before, anything can happen. MCU has many characters and many stories that have the potential to continue to be developed.

Before ‘Avengers 4’ to be released May 3, 2019. Marvel fans will be served with ‘Thor: Ragnarok “which will be released 3 November.

In Technology, Google Will Buy HTC

Soon after the advent of HTC’s acquisition by Google, this news was realized. Google officially made an acquisition of HTC for a value of USD 1.1 billion. HTC is also guaranteed to get the transaction amount in full cash. But this acquisition is only done by Google to some HTC businesses, which focus on devices like mobile and virtual reality (VR). In the agreement, Google is entitled to a number of HTC teams, some of whom are trusted in the development of Pixel phones made by Google. Includes a number of non-exclusive licenses belonging to HTC.

5 years ago HTC is the world’s fourth-largest smartphone vendor with a 9% market share. But the fierce competition makes them stagger and currently its market share is less than 1%. Since last month, it has been spread speculation that HTC wants to sell part or all of the company. They have two divisions, the smartphone division, and the virtual reality device division. Google is now the strongest buyer of HTC buyers. They have actually bought another Motorola phone vendor in 2011 for $ 12.5 billion.

Motorola was bought primarily because Google wanted to own a patent technology from the legendary company. Three years later or in 2014, Google released Motorola to vendors from China, Lenovo. However, Motorola’s own ownership status by Google is actually less durable. Google has sold Motorola to a Chinese company, Lenovo.

HTC itself is rumored to have started preparing to sell the smartphone division since last month. This is due to their smartphone sales are getting down and difficult to rise again. Meanwhile, in its official statement, Google said, for the company, the agreement will further strengthen Google’s commitment to the smartphone business and the overall investment in hardware that is now growing. For example, Pixel smartphone, Google Home, Google Wifi, Daydream virtual reality headset, and Chromecast Ultra.
Meanwhile, The Guardian wrote in its report, Google and HTC are partners in Google Pixel smartphone manufacturing.

HTC has failed to develop its market share

One of the most likely reasons that make HTC reluctant to stop all its smartphone business is the company still has assets, such as stores around the world. The possibility of HTC considering, there will be no consumers who want to buy a smartphone from a falling company. By not closing the rest of the smartphone division after a deal with Google, the company still has time until their latest flagship device is released.

After removing some of the mobile division, HTC will be more focused to make a virtual realityVive headset to be successful globally. However, it seems that up to several months into the future HTC still survive as one of the smartphone vendors.

Meanwhile, the reason behind Google’s acquisition is touted as an Internet giant’s effort to realize its ambition to seriously wrestle the mobile phone business and VR.
Furthermore, Google Senior Vice President of Hardware Rick Osterloh said the acquisition of HTC will help Google to realize the innovation of the tools Made of Google in the future.

The devices in question include the Pixel phone, Google Home, DayDream VR Headset, and Chromecast.