Happy Is Easy

Anyone has the right to feel happiness in his life. Unfortunately, the definition of happiness desired is sometimes inversely proportional to what is experienced. Even though other people consider your life to be very happy, but for yourself it is far from being happy

Instead of being busy complaining and blaming things because life that you consider unhappy, try to recall what you have done so far. Meditate carefully maybe you still often do things that hinder your happiness as below.

Don’t just focus on deficiencies, because always feeling lacking in what you don’t have now will only make you unhappy. Learn to be grateful for all the things you already have. This will make you appreciate life that will indirectly make you happy.

Being aware of your own shortcomings and what you don’t have can indeed spur the spirit to live your life. But, if this is overpowering yourself, it will have an adverse effect on your own life.


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