How much the Cost of Education in International School and Foreign Lecture?

Many Indonesian students travel to other countries to continue their education to university level. The main reason is because they want to get an international education as well as try out new experiences.
Noted, Indonesian students studying abroad amounted to 50,000-60,000 people. Even in the Netherlands, the country’s students are ranked fifth most of the total international students who studied there.

The woman from Yogyakarta was completing an International Finance and Accounting graduate study at Saxion University, The Netherlands. He chose to migrate to the country of people, one of them, because he wanted to know more people from different cultural backgrounds in the world. Sure enough, Nadia’s classmates came from many countries. The university also considers the existence of international students as one important element. According to Sanxion University’s Recruitment and Partnerships Officer Jasja Bos, international students provide valuable lessons for campus managers.

Moreover, the lectures there also put forward the relevance between science and its application in the world of work. During the three years of college, Nadia is often given real cases by lecturers in the class.
In his thesis, said Nadia, the final students are required to discuss the challenges facing the company where they are apprentices. With the help of thesis supervisor, the student is also required to seek answers to the challenge.

Challenges for international students, generally starting from language. Exposure material from lecturers, the process of discussion in the lecture hall, to the cultivation of duties also use the English language.

The challenge, the use of English for the needs of college is different from the needs of daily conversation. This obstacle, I Nadia, also had time to override at the beginning of the lecture.
Child education is one of the most important parents’ financial goals when a family has a child. Thoughts to provide the best child education make parents want their children to attend international school and also study abroad. But sometimes ignorance of information about it makes parents unsuccessful to plan it let alone make it a reality. This time my finances will help you to provide a little information and planning on child education especially for those who want to have an international education.

So those costs will be the purpose of your child’s education plan if you as a parent want to plan your child’s education in an international school. The cost has not been added to the cost of living the child. Usually up to SMA the cost of living of the child is included in the cost of living parents. But if you want to tell the difference, you can count them separately.

Child Education Needs Planning

From the data and calculations above, we can see that even large costs can be achieved with the planning. Whether a school in national school or international school, whether in the country or abroad, there is a cost, and the cost will be more easily achieved by planning. If you care about your baby, start planning and saving for their education.

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