Importance Of Education

Many people think that education is important, but not a few who think education is not important. Especially for people living in rural or remote areas, they regard education as unimportant. For them, it’s better to work than school. The main reason must be predictable because if they work they can earn money, while school is wasting money. In addition to the current conditions is very difficult to find a job. Therefore, I will now discuss the importance of education.
Importance Of Education
1. Giving knowledge

The immediate effect of an education is to give knowledge. Education gives us a lot of knowledge about things and everything that is in contact with the world, education can also provide a view of life. Help us shape the point of view of life, etc.

2. For career/work

If above I said that one of the reasons people consider that education is less important because school or not school still hard to find work. Well from what we change our mindset that with educated we will easily get a job, keep trying and thinking positive

3. Build character

Back again that education is very important to us because it not only gives us knowledge but it teaches us good manners and things. education nourishes us into adult individuals; individuals who are able to plan for the future and make the right decisions in life. And good education will make us more humane.

4.Giving enlightenment

Education erases the wrong thinking in our minds, helping to provide a clear picture of the things around us so as not to get confused. Education is able to inflame the spiritual fire within, the spirit to seek things that have not been known, the spirit of asking, the spirit in living life. So education can provide enlightenment for anyone.

5.Help the nation’s progress

Although not listed in 3 basic human needs, education is equally important. Education can help the nation’s progress because the nation’s future is safe in the hands of educated society. Education is essential for the social development and economic growth of the nation.

Thus the explanation that I can convey, indeed in building the nation should start from building a good education and quality so that our nation can always compete in the international arena later.karena competition in this modern century without us in the possession of education and knowledge of high then we will be left behind with other countries that continue to clean up and build up his country.and education is one of the important factors of the reversal of a nation.

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