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Surabaya Interior Desain

More and more people are turning to vertical housing, aka apartments. Because the price of land and also the house has increased and the land is getting smaller. Living in an apartment would be different from staying at a footprint house. But living in an apartment can also provide the same comfort as at home. You only need to have a comfortable and comfortable apartment interior design. The following will explain some types of interior design to be a reference for you.

1. Scandinavian
Scandinavian design has been very popular with many people lately. This interior design became known at design shows in America and Canada around the 1950s. This design emphasizes the design or selection of furniture that is durable, functional, and cost-efficient. The principle is to prioritize functionality without losing elegance and beauty. The focus on this design is simplicity, the use of every space but still looks elegant and beautiful.

This design is very suitable as an apartment interior design, because it prioritizes the function of space. Apartments that usually have small rooms, can be maximized with a Scandinavian design. The main key to this design is lighting and material selection. Usually wood materials and natural colors are preferred in this interior design by Jasa Desain Interior Surabaya

2. Modern Minimalism
Furthermore, is a modern minimalist design style. By using this design style your apartment will look simple but still cool and beautiful. This modern minimalist style prioritizes the selection of simple, affordable, and multi-functional furniture. Usually this design also has a natural color like white, which is applied to the walls of the apartment. The use of indirect light lamps is also often found, as a decorative element in the apartment space.

3. Bohemian
Another interior design that can be a reference is the bohemian style. This design or also often referred to as a boho-chic design is a design that reflects individuality. The apartment’s interior design is a form of freedom, full color, and a modern look. It is suitable for those of you who have an independent spirit and always want to be free. Boho chic interior design is perfect for describing your personality and aesthetic style.

4. Coastal
This style is a design that is identical to the shades of the beach, waves, beach sand and sunlight is the inspiration of this design. Interior design that adopts this style will make you feel at home for long. This design usually uses blue as the base color, and is also equipped with comfortable furniture.


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