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Today, cosmetic companies offer different methods of hair clarification. Thus, in one procedure, the owner of the blonde hair can become a blonde. Two or three procedures and a brunette can buy the desired blonde or even try to become the owner of platinum hair. But such procedures are not always safe.

Stores can easily spoil your strands. But you can change your color without shop chemistry. However, this process lasts longer. But the strands remain healthy, become more shiny, soft, obedient, strong and grow faster!

Results of hair clarification using folk remedies

With the help of gentle home remedies, the owners of blonde hair will be able to enjoy the color by a couple of tones lighter in 1 month. Girls with dark curls will see the first results in 2-4 weeks: their color will get a golden shine, and in 1.5-2 months the hair shaft will be 1-2 tones lighter.

Using “powerful” recipes, which give an instant result, blonde hair will be lightened by 2-3 tones at once, and dark – by 1-2 tones.

To preserve the health of strands, 2-4 times a month, also use moisturizing and nourishing masks.

Bleaching rules

If you’ve decided to lighten your hair at home, it’s better to know the features of the procedure in advance:

  • Blondes, blondes, blondes and redheads will lighten the strands faster than brunettes and brown hair;
  • It is easier to bleach fine hair, harder – harder;
  • It is better to use several recipes in turn (the more diverse the food, the faster the results will be);
  • Moisturise your hair with nourishing masks after each treatment;
  • In order to maintain the health of the curls, it is better to use safe products and only in exceptional cases to use powerful ones;
  • To avoid side effects, follow the recipes and do not increase the amount of food;
  • If you have never dyed your hair, start with gentle products. You can start by rinsing with lemon or chamomile twice a week;
  • Do not perform the procedure immediately after the perm. Wait 15-20 days and then act boldly;
  • Do not store ready-made masks in the fridge;
  • You can dye your hair 5-7 days after the hair is gentle and 2 weeks after the strong ones;
  • Do not use peroxide and similar substances harmful to the strands (or use very seldom: they quickly discolor, but severely damage the hair). Frequent use will make the curls dry, brittle and weakened. Hair that has been damaged by strong products can fall out!

Home recipes

Products with natural products are suitable for any hair. If the strands are loosened, they should first be strengthened with moisturizing and nourishing masks (for 1-2 months). And then use folk remedies for clarification. Even if the hair is healthy, even in this case, you need to alternate the procedure with nourishing masks.

The recipes specify the dosage for medium length hair. If you have a long hairstyle, increase the proportions without changing the ratio of products.


An easy and fast way to lighten strands and add softness, shine and obedience to them.

Rinse aid

5-6 drops of lemon juice;

1 litre of warm water.

Press the juice (without skin and pulp) into the water and rinse clean, damp hair.

Important: If you have a long haircut (over 25 cm), take 8-10 drops of lemon juice and 2 litres of water. Do not use hot water or increase the dose of lemon juice. Otherwise, it will be difficult to style your hair, it will become electrified, brittle and very thin. Moderation is the main rule of care.

How often to use it: Once a week for a month, a break of 2 months.

Effect: 2 tones of discoloration in 1 month for the owners of light strands and 1 tone in 4-5 weeks for girls with darker tones. After a lemon rinse, the hairline becomes soft and obedient.


100 ml of kefir;

1 yolk;

1 lemon juice;

3 tbsp. cognac (or alcohol).

Mix all components and apply to dry strands. Leave for the night or for 2 hours. Kefir, like lemon, brightens the hair, but also gives it softness and healthy shine.

How often to use: twice a month. The course consists of 3 night or 4-5 two-hour procedures.

Result: discoloration in a couple of tones after 2-3 repetitions of night mask for brown hair and 1-2 tones after 4-5 repetitions for dark hair. If you hold the mask for a couple of hours, the result will appear after 3-4 treatments for blond hair or 4-5 repetitions for dark hair.

“Powerful” mask for dark hair

100 ml of water;

1 lemon juice.

Mix the food and apply to dry, unwashed (dirty) hair. Wear a bathing cap and towel around. Hold for 1 hour, rinse off with a shampoo and rinse your head with a chamomile rinse aid.

How often to use: twice a month. Repeat after 1.5 months if desired.

Result: 1 tone clarification after 1-2 treatments.


Fresh or dry flowers can be used. It is better to collect chamomile on your own somewhere in the countryside.

Rinse aid

Chamomile rinsing is an additional means of discoloration of lighter and lighter strands. Suitable for softening dark hair.

100 grams of flowers (dry or fresh);

2 litres of hot water (temperature from 75 degrees Celsius).

Fill the chamomile with water in glassware. Cover with the lid, roll up and leave for 1 hour. Thoroughly strain the infusion to a transparent state.

Important: for long hair you need to take twice as much water and flowers. Do not leave ready-made broth for more than 2 days in the refrigerator, otherwise chamomile will lose its valuable properties.

Frequency of use: once a week for 2 months.

Result: minus 1 ton after 2-3 weeks.

Fast result mask for blonde hair

200 grams of chamomile;

300 ml of hot water;

0.5 lemon juice;

1 tbsp. of olive oil (if your curls are greasy, this component may not be added).

Pour water into the flowers. Insist 1-2 hours. Strain, add lemon juice (no pulp) and pour in oil. Mix all the ingredients well. Apply to wet strands, rubbing the balm all over. Wrap with a towel. Leave for 1 hour, wash off with shampoo. Rinse with chamomile infusion.

How often to use: once a month. Repeat after a couple of months.

Result: minus 1 tone after the first use.

“Powerful” means for dark hair: peroxide and chamomile

This recipe is good for healthy or oily hair. It is not recommended for fine, dry, recently brightened, sliced or coloured hair, otherwise the hairline may become thinner.

100 grams of chamomile;

200 ml of hot water;

30 ml of hydrogen peroxide (6 %).

Fill the flowers with water and leave for 1 hour. Then strain and cool to room temperature. Then pour the peroxide and mix well. Apply to dirty dry hair, cover with film and towel. Leave for 30-50 minutes, then rinse with warm water and rinse with shampoo.

After application, be sure to apply a moisturizing mask and rinse with chamomile. If the scalp is damaged, set aside this recipe until better times.

Result: minus 1-2 tones after the first use.

How often to repeat: if the result after the first session did not give the desired color, repeat the procedure after 1.5 months. If the hair is thin and dry – repeat after 8-10 weeks. Use nourishing and moisturizing masks between treatments.

Mask recipes

In order to preserve the health of the curls, it is important to alternate the lightening folk remedies with masks for nutrition. This will not only strengthen them, but also increase the effectiveness of the products. The result is healthier, softer, shinier, stronger, lighter hair with no bruised ends.

Nourishing mask

1 tbsp. olive oil;

5 tbsp kefir;


Mix all products and apply to dry dirty hair. Cover your head with a warm towel. Hold the mask for 1 hour, then rinse off with warm water and shampoo and rinse with chamomile.

Frequency of use: once a week for a month. You can repeat the course after 1 month.

Fruit diet


1 ml of vitamin E;

0.5 avocado;

2 tbsp kefir;

1.5 tbsp. of germinated wheat grains.

Grind the fruit with a blender into a homogeneous mass without lumps. Add kefir, wheat grains, vitamin E and mix well. Apply to dirty dry strands. Hold for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water, rinse with shampoo and rinse with lemon or chamomile.

Important: Fruits should be taken soft and ripe, otherwise you will have to rinse off and comb out their pieces for a long time.

How often to use it: Once a week for a month.

Following these guidelines, you can lighten your hair at home and give it health, radiance and beauty.

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