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Changing the color of hair is a crucial step, but not every woman is ready to change the image and style dramatically. The result depends on the correct choice of the product and dyeing technique. And in order to try on a new image and not to hurt your hair, try toning.

What is toning

This is a procedure for dyeing hair with unstable and gentle products that contain minimal or no ammonia. It gives you the opportunity to try different shades before radical change of hair color.

In what cases they make toning:

  • To change the hair color by several tones.
  • To change the colour of your hair without darkening or lightening, for example: give it a golden tint on brown hair.
  • To emphasize the natural shade, make it more intense or refresh the colour.
  • If gray hair is less than 40%, its natural colour is restored.
  • As an additional care of the hair after permanent dyeing.

After clarification or melting to even out the colour, restore and strengthen weakened hair.

How hair toning differs from permanent dyeing.

The main difference in the gentle action – the pigment is fixed on the surface of the hair and does not penetrate into the depths. Therefore, the new shade is quickly washed away and does not damage the hair structure.

Advantages and disadvantages

The pros:

  • Hair stays healthy and intact after tinting, as the product does not penetrate the hair.
  • The procedure is suitable for those who like to experiment, as the new shade lasts from a few days to 2 months.
  • The boundary between the hair roots and the dyeing area is invisible.
  • Many toning products contain care ingredients that make hair healthy and beautiful.


  • As the pigment is washed out quickly, it is necessary to tint the hair regularly.

It is impossible to change the color radically.

  • The result depends on the base colour of the hair. Toning products lie down beautifully and naturally only on evenly coloured hair. Otherwise, abrupt color transitions appear on the strands, emphasizing the carelessness of hair.
  • The cost of toning depends on several factors – length and density of hair, complexity of technique and the selected product.


Intensive. These compositions contain oxidizing ingredients, which provide more intensive and long-lasting coloring. The result is maintained for up to several months. This technology is chosen when you want to lighten your hair by 1 ton or make it darker by a few tones. Semi-permanent dyes are required for intensive hair toning.

Gentle. Colour is kept on the hair from 2 to 4 weeks to maintain the effect of toning, the procedure will have to be repeated often. As a dye used non-sampling dye and tonics.

Light. The pigment is washed away after the first washing of the hair. A number of cosmetic products are used for easy toning – shampoo, spray, balm, ink, crayons, natural dyes (chamomile, tea, etc.).

Means for toning



The most accessible and popular shading agent. Don’t be afraid of the rich colour of shampoo, after its use the curls get only a slight shade. With its help, it is possible to neutralize unpleasant shade after an unsuccessful experiment with hair. The most popular shampoos are from L´Oreal and Kapous.

Spray: This group of products is designed for immediate effect, which manifests itself immediately after application. A similar product is available in the L´Oreal product line – the MagicRetouch spray. The product provides dyeing of overgrown roots or grey strands. I recommend that you use it between resistant stains.


It combines the properties of two products – styling and toning. It is very easy to apply the mousse, as it does not flow. The mousse is recognized as the safest among all the products because it eliminates unexpected results. The only drawback is that the mousse is quickly washed away. When choosing a tonic it is important not to confuse it with staining mousse. It is produced by such brands as:

  • Igora;
  • Palette;
  • Wellaton;
  • L’Oreal.

Toning paint

It is special semi-permanent paint. Even after several tinting procedures, hair remains healthy and intact. The effect lasts for several months. This product is produced by Estel and Matrix brands. Estelle paint is recognized by specialists as the most gentle.

Balm and air conditioner

Excellent for home use. The result after the procedure is saved up to 1 month. The most popular balm from the company Rokolor. Disadvantages – a small palette.

There are also shade balms in the professional lines: Concept, Estel, Kapous, Londa.


Toning masks are a great find for those who are satisfied with the natural colour of the curls but want to refresh it, give shine and vitality. The mask can also be used after staining, in which case the colour becomes as natural as possible. The most popular brands are Nouvelle, Inebrya, Estel and Schwarzkopf.

Toning Technology

Dark hair.It is impossible to change the color or lighten dark hair, you can only give it a deeper and more saturated shade. Chocolate, red, copper or purple is the easiest way to achieve this. For this purpose, intensive tinting of hair with non-sampling dye or shade balm is used. Natural remedies – henna and basma – are also suitable.

Bright hair

Blondes are in the most advantageous situation, as they can give their hair any shade with the help of toning. The most popular tones are silver, ash, copper, beige, gold and even dark palette. You can also get extraordinary and bright shades – pink, blue or lilac. For this purpose any variants of toning will be suitable.

Blonde hair

Hair is blonde and not as good as light, but it’s not as hard as dark. They can be lightened or darkened by a few tones. For the procedure will be suitable for all means except shampoo.

Black hair

In this case, only non-sampling paint is used, which gives a light blue shade or restores saturated black color after persistent staining.

Grey hair

The tinting agents will not be able to paint the gray but will only give the light strands a shade. It is best to choose between golden or ashy colours. After the procedure the hair will get the effect of melting. Dark tones will make gray more noticeable.

After melting, discoloration and dyeing

After complex dyeing (balajajazh) and melioration (cloning) techniques, sometimes it is necessary to slightly adjust the hair color. For this purpose any variants of toning are suitable.

Remove the yellowness.

Usually it appears after melting or discoloration. It can only be treated by intensive tinting. Cosmetics should be selected with special care, otherwise you get a dirty shade with a greenish tint. Neutralize the yellow shade can be a light purple tone. The less yellowish the strands, the shorter the duration of the treatment.

Remove the orange/copper tint.

The counterweight for red and copper hues is blue and blue-green, which are present in the “ashy” tone.

Remove the red and green hues.

Red or green shades on the hair – a reason to contact a specialist, as at home it is difficult to neutralize this effect. Red tones are eliminated with the help of green tones. The same principle is used to select a shade for correction of green tone – with the help of red. The procedure is performed with professional non-sampling paint.

Get an ashtray tint

Depending on the source data, the dye shade is selected. This can be light or dark ash.

Dark hair is suitable for intensive tinting, you should choose shades from the coldest palette. It is desirable to have 1-2 tones darker than your own. The exception is if your hair is initially saturated with red or copper colour. First, you need to wash off the shade, making it less saturated, and then conduct the tinting.

For blonde hair, it’s easier to use a shampoo or balm with a tinting effect in an ashy shade.

Toning hair at home

It is advisable to perform the procedure only on healthy hair and select a shade, following the special tables of matching hair colour and tones of cosmetics. Before the procedure, carefully study the instructions for use.


  • Wear gloves;
  • Apply greasy cream to the face where the composition may get, and it will be easier to clean the skin after staining;
  • squeeze out the product on the arm, apply to the hair and spread an even layer over the entire length;
  • The duration of the procedure is specified in the instructions, the longer you hold the formula, the more intense the tint will be;
  • The product is washed off with clean, warm water.

Toning is an effective procedure that gives hair an expressive and healthy shine. The main thing is to follow the instructions and recommendations of the master and the result is sure to be noticed and appreciated by everyone around you.

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