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Girls love to experiment with their looks. It is possible to change the color in a coordinated way – to dye the hair or to turn to a more gentle variant, which will not spoil the beauty of the hair, but only emphasize it.

What is toning

Toning your hair is about giving it the right shade with an unstable dye. Thanks to this procedure, the colour becomes brighter and fresher.

The result is not permanent, so after a while (depending on the type of tonic) the tint is washed away. Toning products are available as: shampoos, sprays, gels, mousses, tubes with semi-permanent paint, powders to be diluted with water, crayons.

When using shade hair products you can not only paint the grown roots, but also temporarily get the desired shade or make it more saturated.

Advantage of tinting over staining

The only resemblance of tinting agents and dyes is the presence of pigment in the composition, which gives the hair colour. But the differences are much greater.

  • Tonics dye the surface of hair, without affecting its structure and penetrating into the hair follicle. The dye penetrates into the hair. Accordingly, tinting does not harm the hair, because it does not spoil its structure.
  • You can’t change the color dramatically, but you can change it by a couple of tones or make it more saturated.
  • Color stays on the hair up to 3 weeks. With the color differently, if you are not satisfied with the shade, you will have to wait a long time for it to wash away.
  • Most shades do not contain ammonia or other aggressive oxidants.
  • Toning products are suitable for gray, dry, brittle, dull and dyed hair. So any woman can experiment with color.

If the tinting fails, it can be washed off using vinegar diluted with water or masks based on kefir and oils.

Varieties of tonic products

The tinting agents can be divided into groups by the time the tint is retained. But with each wash, the colour becomes less bright and saturated.

Temporary tonics

Temporary can include all those means that are washed away twice:

  • Hair mascara;
  • Crayons;
  • dyeing pencils.

It is enough to get caught in the rain and bright colour will become dimmer, and your clothes, on the contrary, will be coloured. After dyeing with crayons and pencils, the strands on the ends become rigid and lifeless. Therefore, you will need additional care with the help of shampoo, balm and conditioner.

Lightweight tonics

Lightweight tonics don’t last long either – about a week. But unlike temporary ones, they do not dry out the hair. Some of them contain vitamin supplements that make hair healthier.

  • Toning shampoos;
  • Shade balms;
  • musses;
  • Gels.

All of them do not contain ammonia in the composition and therefore do not spoil the hair.

Gentle tonic

The gentlemen’s products are those with natural ingredients. They can be factory or home-made.

  • Hannah and basma are the most popular powders known to our grandmothers. You can dye your hair red and black.
  • Natural or homemade tonics – for those who prefer organic cosmetics and dyes: cinnamon (for brown hair), chamomile (for lightening up), oak bark or walnut shells (for brunettes).

The color lasts about a month, then the procedure must be repeated. The big plus is that you can do it endlessly.

Persistent tonic

Special paints. These products sometimes contain ammonia or other oxidizing agents. But it is clearly not enough to damage hair in moderate use. On the other hand, the color will last 1.5-2 months.

Overview of shades of hair

Almost every cosmetics company produces tonic products in addition to traditional hair dyes.

Temporary action of dyes

Among the most popular such brands:

  • L’Oreal Casting Gloss. There are 26 shades in the palette. As the manufacturer says, the paint paints gray.
  • Garnier Color Shine. The palette has 16 shades. The color is bright, lasts up to 6 weeks (1.5 months). The paint paints 50% gray.
  • Schwarzkopf Essential Color. Does not contain ammonia. In a palette of 20 shades. The grey colour colours up to 100% depending on the type of hair and tone selected.
  • Wella Color Touch. Without ammonia. The palette has almost 70 shades.
  • There are non-sammiachian professional paints and Matrix, Londa and a number of other brands.

Hue shampoos

These shades should not be expected to be resistant. This is a great option for a couple of weeks to change the colour.

  • L’Oréal Professionnel. Has three series: Grey (male), Silver (female) and Gloss Color (for brunettes and brown hair). The products contain purple pigment. And after using shampoos on blonde hair there is no yellow shade.
  • Bonacure Color Save from Schwarzkopf Professional. It also contains ACID Violet 43 (purple), which fights yellow hair. For brunettes and brunettes it will give a platinum shade.
  • The company Neva. Tonic Irida (Irida). A series of shampoos is available not only for blondes, but also for burning brunettes.
  • Rocolor or Tonic. Well leveles the color and fights with yellow pigment. The palette has 36 shades, 8 of which are laminated.
  • Indola Color Silver (Germany). Colours softly, does not give yellowness. Gives to hair platinum and silver shade.
  • Estel Shampoo. The big palette of shades, operates carefully and evenly dyeing.

Hue balms

Balm-tonics add extra care for the hair, give them shine.

  • Color Lux from Belit (Belarus). At the heart of organic components and many shades.
  • Kapous Life Color (Italy). It does not so much colour as it supports the existing shade, restores the hair structure and protects it from UV rays.
  • Estel Solo ton. In a palette of 18 shades. Colour of hair after colouring becomes deep and sated.
  • Other brands such as Wella, L’Oréal and Garnier also have balms. It is better to take them in a set with shampoos.

Tinting masks

  • Salerm Linea Color Mask. Used to maintain a shade.
  • KayPro Color Mask. It can be used to colour natural strands or to shade hair after melting.
  • Jungle Fever Hair Color Mask. Gives hair a shade of honey, bronze, coffee and gold. The palette also has a purple and red colour.
  • Subtil shades by Laboratoire DUCASTEL. It has 6 shades for fast hair dyeing.

One of the most popular tonic masks is ACME-COLOR’s Ton Oil Mask.

Shade foams, gels and mousses

The result of their action is longer than balms and shampoos. These products are produced:

  • Igora from Schwarzkopf;
  • Palette;
  • Wella Viva and Wella Color;
  • Manic Panic et al.

Picking up tonic for our hair

Each hair type and color needs its own tonic. How to choose them?

  • Grey hair: Anything that says it’s a grey hair dye will do.
  • Bright hair can be tinted with almost any means.
  • For brunettes, the tones are close to their color (range of a maximum of a couple of tones).
  • For clarified hair you need to use light shades. There is a probability that dark tones will not lie down evenly.
  • For hair after the melting use means that give saturation and brightness to the coloring.

Carefully select the palette, and you will always be pleased with the result.

How to apply tonic at home

The label of any product shows how to apply it, how much to hold it and what to flush it with. For a light shade it is recommended to keep the product on clean hair for no more than 10 minutes, putting it under a polyethylene cap. And for an intensive one – from 20 to 40 minutes. After toning hair can be nourished with balm.

Couple of tips:

Before staining, take off your clothes, cover your shoulders with an unnecessary cloth or glued cloth and wear gloves. At night, it is advisable to cover the pillow with an unnecessary diaper so as not to stain the pillowcase.

As for pencils, sprays, crayons and varnishes, they are applied to wet or dry hair, covering the shoulders with glue. Then they dry out the hair dryer and go to conquer the world.

Tonics – a great way to try out a new color and not to hurt the hair. If you like the result, you can always buy the necessary shade of paint.

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