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Unfortunately, we’re not always happy with the result of hair dyeing. It happens that the colour does not coincide with the expected one. But do not despair, because there are a lot of means to wash the dye off the hair at home.

And most importantly, almost all of them will be found in your kitchen or bathroom. You just need to choose the best option, given the colour of your hair, the intensity of the dye and the desired effect.

Consequences of unsuccessful dyeing:

  • the tone is much darker than expected;
  • the color is too bright or not at all the shade that was planned;
  • Undesirable yellowness, or even unnatural shades, such as green or pink, may appear on blond hair.

As a rule, these are the consequences of home experiments, and to avoid them, you need to contact a professional.

If such a story has happened, there are only two ways out:

  • dye your hair again;
  • Wash the dye off the hair with special preparations or “improvised” means.

The first option is possible if you do not like the shade, which turned out, but which is tonally close to the desired one. But if the color is much darker, you will have to wash off the dye. You can do it in the salon or try to solve the problem yourself.

Professional washing is a guaranteed result, but at the same time special means which do not influence hair in the best way are applied.

What is better professional or folk remedies

Professional products that remove the pigment can be used to wash the paint. But it can be very harmful to your hair, especially if it is a powerful chemical.

Spinning loses protection in the chemical treatment process: the natural shell with fat content, which plays an important role in maintaining flexibility and resistance to tearing, is washed away with the dye.

As a result, the hair becomes fragile, thin, begin to cross and loses its shine. It will take time, effort and regeneration to restore the hair shaft.

Advantages of using folk recipes when washing

  • a gentle effect;
  • additional hair care;
  • Hair can be dyed again after washing.

That’s why it is recommended to use folk methods in the first place and to refer to chemistry only in the absence of results.

If it is a question of bright or dark tones, it will not be possible to wash off the paint from them the first time. There are means to abuse which should not be abused – soda, aspirin and laundry soap. Also, for too oily hair you should not use oils and mayonnaise intensively.

The most effective home recipes

The dye is washed away by various means. Some have very little effect and are used to remove unstable dyes. Let’s consider the most effective means.


Soda masks leach curls, but this effect is much less pronounced than with chemicals.

For healthy hair

The amount of soda is taken depending on the length of hair: 150 grams for medium and short, 300 grams – for long. Mix it with 1 or 2 glasses of warm boiled water until dissolved.


Thoroughly put a mix on all length of hair. Then comb them for even distribution. We keep the soda from 30 minutes to 1 hour. It is easy to determine the seasoning time: the colour should discolour or become pale.

This procedure can be done in 2 steps of 40 minutes each, using after its balm. My head is not less than 10 minutes.


  • The procedure is recommended no more than twice a year. If the dye is not well washed off, the next time you need to use more gentle methods, such as oils.
  • To protect the skin of your hands, it is recommended to use polyethene gloves.
  • Soda has a wonderful property: it stimulates hair growth well.

For weakened and rare curls

It’s gonna take 80 grams of soda and half a litre of water. Water must be warm (25-30 degrees). Soda in water is stirred until dissolved.


Wet each strand, roll them up, tie them up and put on a package. We keep a solution of 20 minutes and carefully wash away a shampoo for dry hair.

It is not desirable to repeat the procedure more than 2 times a day. Do not forget to use balm.

Benefit: This option is not as effective as the first one, but it is suitable for gradual washing off of the dye and stimulation of hair growth.

Oil washout

Vegetable oils contain large amounts of fatty acids. They are the ones that will help us destroy the paint pigment.


Kefir has long been known for its washing-off properties, and it can be used not only for face and body skin, but also for hair.

Other popular home paint washers

In addition to washing hits – soda, oil and kefir, houses successfully use other means to remove the dyeing pigment from the hair.


Helps when the hair turns green when you change color. This usually happens when mixing henna and chemical dyes. Hair coloured by henna can be green even after six months if you try to lighten it with chemicals.


To remove “green” from the curls, mix six tablets of aspirin and a glass of water, apply to the hair for 50 minutes. After that, wash your head thoroughly several times with shampoo.

Effect: like all acids, aspirin is not safe for the hair, so if after a few procedures the desired changes are not observed, it is worth resorting to other means.

Laundry soap and tar

Laundry soap and tar wash away the dye, reducing its intensity. With frequent washing it is possible to neutralize the dye at all.


Soap should be adjusted, a spoonful of vinegar should be added and water filled. When heated, the chips dissolve. We apply foam to the hair and keep it under the hood for 1 hour. After washing the head it is necessary to use a nourishing balm. It is not recommended to use this method often for over-dried curls.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice mixed with apple flesh, honey and olive oil will not only help to wash off the dye from the hair, but also has a positive effect on their condition.


Ingredients should be taken in the proportion of 2-1-1-1-1 (lemon juice should be twice as much, and the amount is determined based on the length of strands).

Apply the mixture to the hair along the entire length. After 1.5-2 hours, wash your head thoroughly.

Effect: the curls become more elastic, strong, shiny, less split and less fall out.


Pure honey can be applied to your hair at night. This procedure is not effective for washing off the dark dye, but undesirable shades of brown and light hair can be removed. It also strengthens and revitalizes the curls. In the morning after this procedure, you should wash your hair.

Benefit: In addition to removing the dye, honey nourishes hair with moisture and nutrients. It is one of the best and fastest means of restoring tired, dull and unhealthy hair.


A steep decoction of chamomile (100 g per 500 ml of boiling water) is used to wash off the paint from blond and brown hair. The curls are intensively moisturized with decoction, which should be kept for several hours. For dark hair, add 100 ml of hydrogen peroxide to the decoction. After the procedure, it is enough to rinse the head with clean running water.

Chamomile infusion can be used without restrictions. It does not cause any allergic reactions, so it can be used even if the scalp is very sensitive.


Mix three spoons of ground cinnamon with half a glass of balm for hair and 3 spoons of honey. It is necessary to stir the mixture well, as cinnamon is a burning substance, and it should not be allowed to affect the skin in its pure form for a long time.

We put a mask on clean damp hair, protect with polyethene, wrap with a towel and leave for 1 hour. After the hair is thoroughly washed.

Effect: the mask will not only help to remove the dye but also perfectly stimulates the growth of hair. The curls become shiny, silky and have a pleasant aroma.

How to recover hair after washing

If chemicals or homemade products have been used to wash off the dye and have had an adverse effect on the hair, a course of revitalising procedures, such as nourishing oil masks or wraps, should be carried out.

Herbal decoctions used for rinsing will also help to restore hair effectively after the procedure. Linden, nettle, hops, mint, oak bark, horsetail and other medicinal plants will quickly return the hair shine, radiance, silky, and most importantly – health.

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